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Originally Posted by rstacy View Post
We have been pretty successful at getting our Blade CP to give decent 3D performance. In fact it is one of Kyle's favorite helicopters to fly. I am asked daily what mods we did to achieve this performance.
Here it is
Let me know if this helps or if you have any questions. - Ray

Here it is in action
This flight shows the trnsmitter stick movements
Wouldn't the bearings used to replace the rubber o-rings cause the helicopter to vibrate like mad in flight?
Eflite Blade 400, stock heli, Spektrum DX6i radio
JR Venture .30, Raptor .30 550mm wood blades, O.S. .32 SX heli engine.
Pantera .50 P6, O.S. .50 SX hyper head engine, Maverikk patriotic 600mm carbom fiber blades.
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