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Just wanted to throw this out there. I have had the 250 for a couple weeks and was having trouble getting the tail to hold. Minor wag, but when I hit the throttle/collective hard it woudl break loose, and on occasion just break loose all together. I thought my tail was holding well based on the thousand or so posts I'd read, but the first time I went inverted, it broke loose into uncontrollable pyros. Fortunately, no crashes, so I'm not that pissed. I tried most of the tips I've read here, but finally, I installed the new tail hub grip combo, and bam!, rock solid!

I have to say, when finless, speaks, listen up. I'd didn't take the new combo apart, but I'd have to assume its the version finless recommends, as the difference is so dramatic.

Still a little torqued that its completely a mfg defect, but for $14 the problem is solved, vs. spending hours trying all the homebrew stuff. It does suck to be beta testers, but that's the nature of the beast with helis.

Have fun, and hope this helps someone.

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