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Phase 4's maiden flight was a bit challenging. The thing was all over the place at first. I got it trimmed better, but the throttle was a little weird, since advancing the motor timing.... very hard to control smoothly. I was taming the tail, it was wagging, but held in punch outs so I flew her up the yard over the house back down over the deck..... all good. tail... full blown blow out..... nothing there. I nailed the throttle hoping the tail would come back, but no....pirouetted into the ground at full throttle! Tail box came loose on the boom! Box turned and jammed the rotor!

Snapped a main blade in half..... brand new main blade. Took some chunks out of the other one..... mainshaft & flybar too. No boom or tail damage, no tacoed pack or canopy damage. No missing parts....... it hit soooo hard! Tear down & phase 4 log pending.
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