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No word yet on the Odin E, but it should be a beast.

I put two more flights on my 600E using the 10S2P, this time on a non-windy day. I also flew it again with the 8S lipo for comparative purposes. Now that I've flown it more, and in reasonable weather conditions, I think I can come to a conclusion:

It is freaking FANTASTIC on A123!!! If you were to hand the sticks to someone and just let them fly it, there is no way they would guess it's a 9.5 lb machine. It still feels nimble and tossable, but when you start doing "big" moves it easily outshines the lighter lipo version, with energy like a freight train for those big vertical lines.

In short, I will be spending money on a Mastech power supply instead of any more batteries. I will take these two 10S bricks and permanently wire them together and just leave it strapped in, charging in place. With a Mastech, charge time will be short enough I won't need more than one pack. Recharge data this time shows 6.5 minute flights in ST-1 (2050 rpm) and 5.5 in ST-2 (2222). Not too shabby.
Chris Boultinghouse
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