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Default [b]WEEKEND[/b]

Hi all,

After a soggy start to the weekend (Saturday a washout), I made it out to the RAM's "open house" funfly in Macedon. I had asked Ray Stacy to have Kyle fly the Q-50 and was prepared to capture the flight on video.

While in the hovering pad before the flight, I was in the process of checking the tracking after making some link changes to the head. The tracking was right on. I was also making some adjustments to the headspeed on the TJPro from 1750 to 1900. As I spooled up during one of the test hops, I noticed a tremendous vibration !! I immediately shut things down to see what was going on. Well, one of tail rotor blade grips was lying on the ground next to the back of the machine !!

Upon inspection, it appears that there was no loctite on the screw that attaches the grip to the hub. The other blade grip was fine. I could "feel" it as I removed the second bolt and could see the remnants of the loctite on the bolt as well. I degreased both screws, replaced the link that had been damaged while flopping around and re-assembled the whole thing.

I have to say that I have never liked factory "pre-assembled" parts (or ARF's) and will kick myself in the butt for not taking the time to make sure the tail parts were properly secured....THAT IS CLEARLY MY RESPONSIBILITY !!! I've been in this helicopter thing long enough to know better !!! ..... I consider myself "lucky" THIS the incident happened on the ground and no damage resulted.

So now I'm "ready to go".......or so I thought. Later in the day I got the opportunity to fire the Q50 up again (in between the planks flying) with the thought of having Kyle fly the machine. Ray took it up first to see what the machine was like. A a minute or two into the flight, the motor (OS 50) sounded like it was sagging. Ray made a turn nose in to land so that we could richen the mix a bit and all of a sudden we both heard a "pop" and the engine immediately died..... Ray did a very nice job with the auto but flying was obviously over for the day when we discovered that the "pop" both of us had heard was a friggin hole being blown into the top of the piston !!!

I don't particularly believe in "fate" but I guess my "master plan" did not work out.... There will be a next time for sure.....with a Hyper as a replacement.....

Hope you'all had a nice weekend....

Till the next time.

PS- Who the heck is the Murphy guy anyway ????

Later when I get home from work, I'll post a pic of the nice paint job my buddy Rodney did on the canopy. That canopy has survived two "emergency" autos !!

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