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hi, you bought that heli from me... i tried setting it up initially to hover at rate mode but it was just too much of a head ache for a mode that i will never use anyways... the tail setup was not out of whack... it was set up so that tail pitch was at zero when the servo arm is at 90 degrees...

obviously, a tail setup that way is only going to work in heading hold mode and there's really not a clear answer which setup method is better... knowing that my heli will hover at 90 degrees servo arms do make me feel better, but in practice, with heading hold mode, i have given up on the idea...

the only reason i can think of why you can turn the gain up with the "out of whacked" tail is because of the location of the servo arm... if you think about it, a servo arm at 90 will move more in parallel to the tail boom per servo resolution than when the arm is not at 90... when the arm is not at 90, a lot of the movement is also directed perpendicular to the tail boom... meaning that per servo resolution, a servo arm at 90 will have less precision of movement parallel to the boom...
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