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When the first pictures of the prototype TREX 450 Pro were released by Align, I right away saw the opportunity for a battery tray with full support of the LiPo for crash protection and better hard 3D support. I also wanted to improve upon the front area, by allowing the pilot to be able to tuck the wires underneath similar to the TREX 500 design. Kevin (fireup) also saw the opportunity to improve upon the stock battery mount and produced this concept from carbon-fiber as an additional nose-cone design, which is a great idea as well. Due to the time-lines in reaching full production for AL 6061-T6 CNC material, I could not get this to market as fast, so it may appear his idea was "copied".

This is not the case and I support his brand as well (I have his frame supports on my TREX 500), so this is an occurrence where "Great Minds Think Alike". The debate between carbon or aluminum will always be in the RC Helicopter world, so we are both producing upgrades targeted at slightly different markets and personalities. Due to the limitations of the design space in the RC helicopter market, these types of similar upgrade concepts will commonly occur as it already does with other competing brands (such as Kasama, Microheli, etc.).
Fair enough.
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