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I built my friend's Pro a few weeks back. The 6100e is going to be the best fit.
I don't see how anyone can be worried about range with these and something as small as a 450. You just aren't going to be able to see the model by the time you get to the limits of the range.

I have 6200s, they are nice in bigger birds, but not necessary on a 450 and will just clutter up the installation - which is already pretty packed.

Hard to believe you are willing to sell your 250 for $500, shoot, I just finished mine and already think it's a great flier. 10x better than the Gaui ever was on it's best day and all I've done is an eyeball setup to get her in the air. When a few more parts show up I'll do a full on setup and I'm sure it'll be even better than it is now.

Bump for a good deal.
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