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Originally Posted by ElectricSheep View Post
Hi Tom,
So when you use your switch to turn on horizontal mode (to recover quickly), how much of a lag time is there between the time you turn it on, and the time it takes to recover?

I know that when using a CoPilot II, you flick the switch and the system immediately kicks in to get you to a horizontal position. Can you do this with the Helicommand Rigid (flick a switch to save one's rear end)? Or does the Helicommand need some time to "recalibrate" before putting you in a stable, horizontal, hover position.

The heli recovers pretty quickly (~2 sec) however I find it still drifts a bit, but at least it does not auger itself in! I used this in an emergency a few months ago and it did save my bacon.

I used the original CoPilot quite a few years ago on a mechanical CCPM heli and I think it actually recovered a little faster, with less drift.

To get rid of the horizontal drift with HC you would need to activate the Positional stablisation feature (and be no more than ~3m high). I have not tried this feature yet on my heli but I recently helped set up a local guy's scale 90 heli with the positional stablisation and it seemed to work very well. We got it hovering hands off, without any drift.

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