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Originally Posted by TomC View Post
The heli recovers pretty quickly (~2 sec) however I find it still drifts a bit, but at least it does not auger itself in! I used this in an emergency a few months ago and it did save my bacon.

I used the original CoPilot quite a few years ago on a mechanical CCPM heli and I think it actually recovered a little faster, with less drift.

To get rid of the horizontal drift with HC you would need to activate the Positional stablisation feature (and be no more than ~3m high). I have not tried this feature yet on my heli but I recently helped set up a local guy's scale 90 heli with the positional stablisation and it seemed to work very well. We got it hovering hands off, without any drift.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the info; just to double-check -- so there's no time lag once you switch on horizontal mode? I know the manual says that if you're going to practice 3D maneuvers, switch it off, but wait 15-20 seconds after you're done before switching it back on.

From the HC Rigid Manual: "For agile 3D... a multitude of subsequently flown rolls, loops, etc... the Helicommand 3D should be switched to off beforehand, and not switched on again until at least 15-20 seconds after the maneuvering had finished..."

I'm guessing that the manual is describing the ideal scenario, where you turn off the HC horizontal mode, practice some 3D, and then turn the HC back on after 15-20 seconds. Nice, but not great if one loses orientation and the heli takes a dirt nap...

However, in an emergency situation, I think you're saying that if someone is flying with the HC horizontal mode off, and loses orientation (can't save the heli), then he/she can switch the HC horizontal mode on immediately and the heli will recover itself -- given that there's enough space between the heli and the ground. Correct?

Thanks again!
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