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Originally Posted by Wogboy View Post
Great info helicraze, I'm sure it will help a lot of people. Thanks for taking the time to compile.

Synx666, I did much research before deciding on the Logo 400 for a 500 class heli. In the end, the difference in price is minimal when you add up all the upgrades people use to make them (Aligns for example) look and perform better. Crash prices are not much different either, and in some cases (eg frames) the Logo is considerably cheaper. Also, more aftermarket parts are becoming available now, and Mikado is dropping its prices on these parts, so it's win win for Mikado lovers!
Well everything needed is on its way! Logo 6003d with the vbar head should be here next week. And for the parts price, I compare it to a henseleit ( which I sold ) then mikado is way cheaper
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