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Default BIG F-14 Tomcat scratch build project

I've been debating on doing this project for the better part of a year. I finally ordered the plans i intended to use as a starting point and once i saw the infamous shape of the F-14, I instantly knew i was going to have to model my favorite jet once again.. The plan for this project is for it to be as close to scale as possible. This is will include working swing wings, fully detailed retractable landing gear, operation speed brakes, operational leading edge slats, working flaps, working spoilers, operational canopy, and probably a refueling probe as well (it wont actually "work" in the essence of being able to refuel). The plugs will be built with balsa and plywood. Then fiberglassed and primed to remove any deficiencies in the surface, then the surface of the entire airplane will be covered in .005 and .008" aluminum sheets. The sheets will be cut to accurate sizes to depict all of the panels on the full size airplane, and will have all of the rivet and screw detail inserted in them as well.
After all of this construction and detail of the plugs is complete, I will be making a full set of fiberglass molds for the airplane and constructing an all composite airframe... Once the first airframe is built, all of the details for the operational parts will be machined from a combination of G-10 and carbon fiber sheets, and all of the parts for the scale cockpits will be made. This project is planned to be a long one, but i hope to have the plugs built and ready for surface detailing by the end of the year. I'm planning on offering this as a kit once the plugs are complete, so i can recoup some of my investment.

For those wondering "how big is big". The largest fuselage bulkhead is 36" wide x 12" tall. The fuselage is 107 1/2" long and the wingspan is 110".

Anyways, here's some pictures of the various things i have gotten started on so far:

33 Fuselage Bulkheads:

Wing ribs and tail parts:

Complete short kit:

Custom 30" x 8 foot long building table (table is still 10" shorter than the fuselage):

Initial stabilator and control mounting design:

wing leading edge slat track:

Swing wing mounting "box" structure:

Wing box w/ wing bearing holder mount installed:

Initial design for wing bearing holder mount:
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