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Got a bit more stuff done today.. actually a good bit of stuff done.... I removed the vertical stab fairing "shapes" from the fuselage bulkheads, as they would be in the way of mounting the vertical stabs. Plus i plan to have these fairings integral to the vertical fins, as they will be a basis for gluing the verticals to the fuselage.. I also removed the cockpit hatch portion from some of the forward fuselage bulkheads and adjusted them to take the 1/8" floors. I modified the bulkheads to get the "curve" mentioned in some of the earlier posts, and got the jig cut out and assembled. I"m not satisfied with what you see in the photo's and it will get alot of changes to gaurantee the fuselage is 100% straight. Since i got the preliminary jig somewhat complete, i just had to install all the fuselage bulkheads and take some pictures. I also had intentions on building the horizontal and vertical stabs next week, but the local hobby shop's stock of balsa is currently Dead.. they didn't have anything that i needed, so i'll just have to keep working on what little i have left to finish and adjust before all i can do is "just build".

So here's some pictures:

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