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So impending doom (rain) forcasted for tomorrow led to a trip to the LHS today. yesterday when i looked, they had a small assortment of balsa, but everything was mixed up and i didn't feel like sorting thru it. Anyways, after 4 hours today, i came up with enough sheeting to get started on the build. I finished up all the parts needed for the stabs, minus the root and tip block (LHS didn't have anything big enough) to start building. Here's a pictures of the parts for the other stab, and one 1/4 complete stab (still gotta do the root/tip block, and finish.

After looking around the internet for a bit today, i found matt haltons website and his electric speed 400 size pusher F-14 (32" wingspan). For those who have no idea, he's the original design of the EDF JHH F-14. His pusher version is 72% the size of the JHH EDF. Anyways, i might find myself scratch building one of these during this build. After-all you can never have to many tomcats right? Plus it'll give me something to play around with until the 1/7 gets done. I'd "like" to get 100-120mph out of the little pusher. But we will see...

Hope ya enjoy the thread. If anyone wants to get rid of some 3/32" x 4 x 48" balsa sheets for cheap, shoot me a PM.. i need about 60 to 80 of the things and at $2.20 a sheet, its expensive!
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