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I'm back and, despite a bit of Jetlag, happy to be home. I saw the pile of Hurriframes in Ben's post and they are looking 'well' cool!! Am I the only one who can see them? (looking at the other posts here it seems like some of the Shermans maybe 'photo blind'.........hang on, I maybe on to something here!!! If 'all' Americans were 'photo blind' much would 'that' explain in history??????)

Another thing I noticed in the photo was the 'apparant' presence of a few component parts of MY HURRI!!! (Ben borrowed it for scientific research in his Frankenstein Lab while I was away)

Well, its 'stupid' o'clock in the morning so I am going onto the balcony to watch the sunrise and smoke a spliff (only joking........can't see the sunrise from there ha ha)
May the forest be with you
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