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Great discussion. As was already said, it seems some have a few deg negative for particular reasons, but as we could all appreciate having a full size heli actually maintain a hover would be a tremendous task, even if the fuel delivery systems & lubricant system etc etc were up to it, there is a stack of weight for such long blades to keep inverted.

Back to your original idea for the heli to be inverted to avoid combat, assuming we have sorted all the mechanical, weight, blade issues, what about the poor pilot rocketing up with such force.. I would assume you would need a gravitation field around the heli to negate the effects on the human body, then that introduces another whole host of issues for electronics. Technology is not up to scratch just yet, but gravitation fields are starting to pop their heads up now, in our belief system, but in actualality have been around for some time. (Germans in WW2)

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