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The Bum.

I bought a used flybar 5003D that was supposed to be lightly used. I have been dragging my heels about installing the electronics and getting it going for some reason..mostly doing a lot of flying and not taking the time to finish it.

I made a knee jerk decision to disassemble the entire thing to be certain that everything was up to snuff, even though it looked like new other than a few scratches on the skid pipes.

I kind of regret my decision to take the damn thing apart as everything looks to be in tip top shape. I stripped a couple of the slotted screws that hold the flybar cage together......which gave me the urge to get a V Bar instead of replacing a couple of machine screws...but Ive been good and not done it yet.

I really want to try it w/ the flybar since Ive never flown a FBL heli. That way, if Im impressed with it as is, I should love it when I do convert it. That is the plan today anyway.

If we could get a couple of rainy days around here I would be able to finish setting the thing up. It is getting dry but that makes it too tempting to go flying every day

All in all, Im glad I broke it down so I dont have to worry about whether every has loc tite where it needs to be and Im more familiar with the heli. The manual doesnt name too many of the parts and it was a little confusing to me when I looked at the parts selection at Readyheli what some of the parts were or where they went.

Good luck with your FBL 500. I hope we both love them.

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