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I apologize for the slow progress, but i'm still waiting on my balsa order, and being a newly wed, the wife expects me to spend as much time with her as the tomcat... anyways, i got a bit more work done today before running out of both balsa and glue... Hopefully national balsa will have my balsa order shipped out tomorrow since i placed it with them friday. I've also got 2 16oz bottles of glue coming (1-medium, 1-thin) which i fully expect to use completely once the sheeting of the fuselage begins. Anyways, both vertical stabs have been framed and sheeted, all thats left to do is cut out the parts for the rudders, the leading edges and the tips, shape, final sand and glass, then they will be ready for detail work.. here's a few pictures showing the stabs in "progress" of being built. Sorry, but i forgot to get pictures of the mods i did to make the vertical stabs removable.

Now that these are all done, i can start laying out the wing ribs and spars, so that once the sheeting arrives they will be ready for the leading edge caps (and slats) to be made, and the wings to be sheeted...

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