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Update for today..

the autogyro i was building is done, so i can focus entirely on the F-14 now. I got the vertical stab leading edges and tips rough shaped, just waiting on a bit of wood filler to dry and the final shaping can begin. I haven't decided which fin/rudder is going to go on either side yet, so they will be made identical and i'll put the different style fin tip on when i decide which will be which. Didn't get a picture of the actual rough shaping, but i got a picture of the wood shavings that the razor plane took off...

Also started laying out the wing ribs and plans. The wing ribs parts templates i used from the plans i bought are pretty far off on a few ribs, so i'm going to have to spend a few hours figuring out how to fix those issues... But here's a picture of the wood shavings and the plans layed out on the building table. The wings are only spaced 4" apart in the center, and the one tip is at the edge of the table, and the other tip is about 10" from the other edge of the table.. Remember, this table is Eight feet long.

For those wondering about the autogyro i was building, here it is:

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