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Originally Posted by FlamingDrongo View Post - Constructing A Super Hornet: "A time lapse of the construction of a Super Hornet"

This is kinda cool. Time lapse of building a super hornet.

I have a gyrokite basically an auto gyro kite shaped like a heli. only good in moderate to strong winds though.
Thats a cool vid! thanks for posting it.

One more short update before bed.

Both wings are framed and ready for sheeting. I have to install the leading edges for the slats still and havent decided if i will do that before or after the wing sheeting. Most likely i'll do that before the sheeting so it will be 2 more "planks" of wood to keep the wings from twisting and bowing. As usual with scratch building, some of the wing ribs had to be adjusted for the spars to fit in place, but this was just a minor setback and didn't slow me down to much... Well, here's some more more pictures:

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