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Default RDLohr's TREX 450 Night Fins with Slotted Text

RDLohr’s Clearly Superior Products
TREX 450 Night Fins w/Slotted Text (1 Horizontal and 1 Vertical)
Make it easy to see the orientation of your night heli with these high quality Lexan fins specially designed to make the most of cold light strings. (Light strings and mounting hardware not included)

Thread the light string through the hole from back to front. Leave plenty of slack to inlay the string. Start inlaying the string into the slot placing the end next to the hole, and then progressively press into the slot ending up back by the hole. Pull the excess string through the hole. Use the handle of a screw driver on a hard surface to gently press in string on corners. Use tiny drops of glue in slot to secure if necessary. Use TREX screw bling or a washer when installing to avoid stressing holes. Use loc-tite and just snug up screws. Over tightening will damage fins.

Note: Drill additional 3/32” holes in slot if desired.
Note: A belt sander with 120 grit paper can be used to touch up burnishing if necessary

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