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Ok, in order....
The chicken killing thing is part of an age old tradition to ward off evil spirits.....this reply is gonna get a little funkey now but here's the story....

The area where the new bear house is being built was once home to a pair of captive Sumatran Rhinos. One was transported to a new reserve and the remaining one was kept as a study project. We have some pretty big trees here and right in the middle of the enclosure is an 80m 'emergent'. A branch fell off it whilst the remaining Rhino was chilling out nearby and 'brained it'. Now- a Rhino is pretty big and so a hole was dug and it was buried where it fell. Where it is buried is right next to the new bear house. So, call in the bomohisan (witch doctor) who blessed the ground and killed the rooster to get rid of the bad karma.

Future bear cub thieves will be meeting 'me!!'.........they will not enjoy this!

BBQ bear is off the menu...please see above!

Hijack......come on Ben.....this is worthy cause and has a tenuous link.......while I am away looking after the bears, you get to tinker with the helis, indirectly....the Sun Bears are helping your Headhunter Project!

At the risk of seeming to be biased in supporting 'said' HH project, I was blown away with Ben's flying today......the HH frame was gliding around the sky on rails and is out performing (at our 'sports flyer' level) my CF frame. It is SWEET! Good work fella! Wind gusting 15 to 20mph but all 'our helis' made it back to base....sun was shining and all was well with the world.

More from the Land of the Sun Bear soon
Cheers Guys
May the forest be with you

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