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Originally Posted by mysticmead View Post
wonder if the bear is small enough for my smoker.....bear BBQ Mmmmmmmmmmm

KIDDING... glad you're trying to save the little bears..although there might be a good reason for them dying out and maybe it's just time for it to happen...

A good reason???. You mean like some pig capitalistic bastards logging out the very last of any natural forests. So that pigs ( people in gluttonous state ) in this country can have their ego stroking status furniture.

A good reason???? LIke the good reason that the passenger pigeons were wiped out extinct in this country so that rich bitches could have feathers on their hats.

A good reason??? Most people in this country - the piggy usa - have more unused crap in their closets than most people in the rest of the world would ever accumulate in a lifetime to actually use.

A good reason???? Like not worrying about motorboat speeds so that they just plow over the manatees and bring THEM to the edge of extinction. a guy I worked with called it survival of the fittest. I call it survival of the fu(king morons.

Yeah. This is going to be a really great planet to live on when there are no animals besides 10 billion piggy humans.
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