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calm down... I never said that there IS a good reason.. just that maybe there WAS a good reason.. do I think that logging is a good thing... no... logging is not good...

I do however feel that if it is time for teh bears to die out.. then NOTHING will stop it.. you could put a stop to logging today...and if the bears were meant to die out they might all walk as a group into traffic and get run over.. the point is.. no one knows..

as far as man being pigs... yep..there are a lot of them.. not just in the USA.. there have been pigs since the beginning of time... there always will be. I have seen the injuries up close and personal to the manatee...I've made several dives with them... beautiful animals...and I hate seeing the scars.. but even at idle speeds a manatee can get cut by a boat... I'm not going to say ban all boats... that would be ridiculous.. then again, if the natural predators for the manatee go on a eating binge and polish them all off... who would you blame? so in a way it is survival of the fittest.. not just the pigs being most fit....
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