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Originally Posted by mysticmead View Post
if the natural predators for the manatee go on a eating binge and polish them all off... who would you blame? so in a way it is survival of the fittest.. not just the pigs being most fit....

This is a absolute bs. The 'natural' predators of the manatee did not wipe them out over a million years of evolution and they would not now. There was a balance.
The only reasoni it could be possible now is that their numbers and habitat have been so destroyed by the pigs that they are in an extremely unbalanced, precarious situation.

The 'survival' of the pigs is a joke. It has gone way beyond 'survival'. All the material crap that has been produced and destroyed the planet ini the process is nothing even close to 'survival'.

And anyone who wants to argue that I would not be able to enjoy 'hurri's' without contributing - This is somewhat true. However I would not have dumped the pcb's into the river to save 'money' during the build of the transformers that provide electricity. I would not fill in the last wetland or destroy the last natural beachfront to build 'luxury' homes and make huge (huge) profits for the developers. My 'lawn infested' property used house I bought is slowly being converted to native florida.

No, those developers and and 'businessmen' and the average rich and middle class american is not 'surviving'. They have gone way beyond that, and completely destroyed the planet in the process.

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