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don't worry... because the planet will at some point balance things for us... of course, it'll mean most of the pigs will be wiped out in the process... I'm not saying go out and kill everything... far from it... I think we all need to conserve what we have left..and to cleanup this planet before it cleans us up.. however, as I learned years ago... you can beat this subject into as many peoples heads as possible each day and still 99.9% of them will just ignore it.. just liek smoking... I used to smoke...I knew it was bad for me..I knew I needed to quit.. I just didn't want too.. then one day I decided it was time... so I quit... it wasn't due to any of the " " BS propaganda... it was because I wanted to quit... the same is with saving the bears... or the manatee...or anything (including the planet).. unless people decide for them selves that they WANT to do it... they won't...

so preach it all ya want..those that want to listen already know what you're saying... those that don't want to listen will just find it annoying and go on their way... (for the record I don't find it annoying...I already know what yer saying....)
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