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It's been a month since my last "update" to this thread and this will probably be my last....

The Q50 continues to fly well and I'm getting more comfortable with it each time I fly it. It certainly is "different" from other machines I have owned and flown in the 50 size category. The Q50 is definitely a little heavier than my R50s and both machines certainly have their own flying characteristics.... The Q50 is precise, very stable in the hover, tracks very well in forward and fast forward flight and is more capable than I will probably ever be when it comes to aerobatics.....

This past weekend was our Northeast Helicopter Jamboree. Although today is a washout, we were very lucky yesterday to have been spared by the rain. It was threatening all day long along with some nasty cloud cover.... but the high winds did not kick in. The attendance was pretty decent by both pilots and spectators and a good time and lots of flying was had by all.

I asked Curtis if he could take a moment to take the Q50 for a spin. The following link is a video of the flight. The video quality is not great so when you go to the site, click on the smaller screen option, bottom right corner of the video window....looks much better that way...

Rochester, NY, RC Helicopter FunFly (5 min 53 sec)

I hope you all enjoy the video and that your summer flying has been great.
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