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My HF Map location
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Front hole! I did not like the rear hole myself as it was more pitchy in forward flight.

Yes I will test the 500 paddles too.

As far as my pitch settings. Sorry I never measured how much pitch but I maxed out my swash settings (even before testing the paddles). If you built your Pro with Align servos and where they say the balls are then you should get the same amount of cyclic pitch asw I have. My swash on my X9303 is set to Ail = 70, Elv = 70, pitch = 55.
With the swash menu on my X9303 set this way I just barely bind in the corners of cyclic when at full negative pitch. It does not bind in a corner at center stick.

For Expo I am running 40 on ail and elv and prior to putting these paddles on I was running 20.

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