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The Link Compensations is designed to correct your problems but it only fixes the end points. Along the pitch travel it probably uses some interpolation to determine compensation and this is not user adjustable so there is no fix.

Try my alternative method:
Alternative Method for adjusting Link Compensation: At mid stick give full right roll and note angle of swashplate relative to the main shaft then move to min and max pitch and set Link Compensation Low and High Ail so the swashplate stays at a constant angle toward the end points. Do the same for Elevator. I say toward the end points as a high value, say 30 or 50 will not have an affect and could cause the swash angle to reverse. It will look like the angle changes a lot toward min and max pitch as you move collective. The reason the angle changes in the swashplate is due to the round servo wheels and the less movement (relative to the rod link) you have the further the servo moves towards its end point.

My only other suggestion would be to set link compensation to values were you see as little motion as possible through out the pitch travel. Itís not critical to have min or max pitch set the best because you will rarely be flying full pitch AND full cyclic.

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