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Originally Posted by butters149 View Post

I dont have a Rigid yet, but I've sent my HC 3D to germany for an upgrade to Rigid, before it was flying fine with my settings, can i still keep my original settings when going flybarless and getting a Rigid model?

I've not had a chance to take a look at the rigid part of the software screen but how does it work? If i have the rigid on for FBL can i still knock my heli around and fly 3d with horizontal off? It sounds like there is the extreme mode and fixed mode? I am a bit confused about those two.
Hi Butters,

Most of your settings should work ok but your collective pitch will probably be a bit different, depending on which FBL configuraton you use. I'd go through the whole setup procedure again if I were you, just to be on the safe side.

The Extreme mode is recommended for unlimited 3D performance but does not offer any stablisation. Your pilot switch can be used to set the rigid gains based on the %'s you have on your software's Rigid tab. It's a good idea to start out with this mode in order to find out what the best Rigid gains to use are.

The Fixed mode lets you set gains on your pilot switch for Positional gain and Horizontal gain. The rigid gains are preset on the Rigid tab (top 2 numbers, 5,4 in my case). If you use this mode the limitations are that you should not exceed 200 degrees/second movements, in any direction (400 deg/s pirroette if you use an external gyro, like I do).

Personally I mainly use the Fixed mode with the pilot switch atv's set to 0 - up (Positional gain = 0% = no stablisation) and 80%-down (80 % Horiz gain). I fly with the switch up and if I get into trouble I switch it down which gets me into a pretty level hover and gives me time to sort things out. Actually saved me just the other day! Again, you need to keep things a bit slower in this mode but I find that 2 second rolls and flips are plenty fast enough for me anyway.

Good luck with yours and please let us know how you make out.

Best cheers,
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