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Originally Posted by butters149 View Post
Hey Tom,

I briefly read over the instruction manuals, I think the setting I would want is to keep it in Fixed mode, that way the rigid will always be on and I shall set the gain in the software. This way I can still have my pilot channel for Hor, no stabilization, and Pos. hold correct?

Anotehr question is, how do I know if the rigid setting is too high, liek what will the heli do? Are the preset gains good enough?

Sounds like you've got things figured out fine. I've E-mailed you my latest HC file for my Trex6000e so you can have a look at my rigid settings. I'll attach a copy for others (see below).

The default rigid gains are ok to start with (think they were 7,6). Use Extreme mode and set your pilot switch to ~70%. this will equate to say 7x70% ~ 5. Slowly increase the atv's on your pilot channel until the heli starts to wobble a little and then back off ~5%. All of this is explained in the manual, you just need to read and re-read it quite a few times until it sinks in.

Good luck and cheers,
Tom C
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