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Hello Bob, like so many others (I am sure!) I have watched your videos and found them to be of GREAT assistance and they have without doubt 'eased' my way into this hobby!

Can I ask are you familiar with the previous Airtronics radio - the RDS8000?

I have not asked you directly for help before..... but I seem to be having a compatibility issue with the GY401 and the RDS8000. I have built a Trex 450, 500ESP and 600ESP over the past couple of months, all fitted with the 401 and Airtronics 8ch recievers and RDS8000 TX.

The problem is that the Gyros seems to lose their centres. I turn the TX on in HH mode and then turn on the heli and after the gyro intialises I get a solid LED on the gyro. Then, without even lifting off, or moving the sticks the LED on the gyro starts to flash after about two minutes. At this time if I re-centre the gyro by switching quickly between HH and rate the LED will stay solid for about 5 minutes before flashing again. If I then re-centre the gyro again the LED will stay solid for about 10 minutes.

All three of my helis have the same sympton.

I consider myself very familiar with this radio and have it set up without any mixes, rudder centered, I have tried with expo, without expo, with DRs, without DRs, different end points, gyro gain settings of between 45% & 80% and I have tried re-binding the TX / RX. I actually have two RDS8000 radios and have tried them both.

I know that sometimes there might be a problem with a piece of equipment but I have three of these gyros, six recievers and two transmitters. I get the same result every time......this is VERY frustrating!

Of course, at first I noticed the problem when flying and figured that something was wrong with my setup but then I noticed it on the bench without even touching the sticks!

So, just to recap. I turn the TX on (HH mode, about 70%), then turn on the heli. The gyro intialises and the LED is solid. Then I don't touch anything and approximately two minutes later the LED starts to flash. At this stage one click of left rudder trim and the LED turns solid again, if I leave it longer it will take two clicks of trim to turn the LED solid. Using the rudder trim is not something I do in flight, it's just an observation. I always land and recentre the gyro - or turn the heli off and on again.

I am an analytical type of person and very patient......but this is starting to......well, you know?!

Cheers for any words of wisdom!
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