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Default HELICOMMAND DSX9 AR7000 setup

Hi TomC.
Hope things are Ok on the Sunshine Coast.
Great and informative thread.
Now have a HC Rigid and looking to go doem that route.
Spend hours on Forums and like the stle of the product.
Noe setting up into a very stable Gaui 550 CF. Thought it would be ideal to test out and set up then transfer the unit to the Gaui 425 FBL, which to say the very least is a handful!!!
Using a JR DSX9 and Ar7000 RX.
Having great trouble with the initial set up and connections.
Hopefully someone as this TX,RX and HC combo in action.
After many hours of back and forwards, we are in a loop of no real progress!.
Help gratefully accepted.
Rod Jam.
PS. I have the Captron Belkin USB PC connection. But running Vista on the PC and it appears that there is no applicable driver.
And ideas?
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