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If you have the 64 bit Vista, you are out of luck since the HC software does not support it. If you have the 32 bit Vista installed you should be ok. I run mine on Windows XP so I cannot really help you here, sorry.

As far as your USB cable adapter goes, you'll find that it either will work with Vista or you are going to have to locate one that does work with Vista. I was pretty lucky since I had an old Windows 98 USB cable adapter (Targus) and even though when I tried to install it on Windows XP it said that it was not supported, it still worked fine!

You really need to try to sort the software/connection stuff first in my opinion since you will be unable to use HC-Rigid without it.

You could try E-mailing HC support (see their WebPages; They are usually very good at getting back to you.

I know it's kind of fustrating at first since the manual is not that great (although it's one of the better German ones I've seen). Just read and re-read it a few times and it will finally sink in.

Good luck and cheers,
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