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Hey Ronnie

There are a fair few pros and in my mind not many cons!!
(although i am a little bias!)

The main frame is much stiffer than the original Gaui Carbon Frame
It is made from 2mm carbon.

It has direct to swash 120degree servo mounting which eleiminates the bell cranks for the servos its a more simple design and easier to set up.
Reduced interactions during swash movement.

The full frame set includes the big Balls Bearing Blocks which allows for much larger bearings on te OWB shaft.

The full kit also includes the Easy Mesh Motor Mount that allows much easier meshing of the pinion and gears. It also allows quick removal of motor. It also inlcudes an additional frame brace.

Its design from the strat to mount 6s Packs in one location and it is very secure with up to three velco straps.

And best of all its WAY COOL!! (subjective I know)

Cons could be its a little tricky to mount a separate flight pack on the frame. It was designed around a system using a BEC.

The servos are no longer push pull they are direct to swash so there is more loading on the servo output shaft although I believe most modern servos on a heli this size can cope no problem.

Its not the cheapest frame set around due to the low numbers its manufactured in. But i am looking into revising the prices very soon.

Hope this helps

Head Hunter Heli's
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