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Originally Posted by ronnieb View Post
Thanks for the info Ben,
really great disign!

One pro, or con, I'm missing is something about the weight?

Although I'm planning on upgrading my std 425 to
handle some longer blades, 463 or 475mm, and a
torque tube, I was wondering if the Head Hunter carbon
frame was any lighter than the plastic or other carbon frames
on the market?

let me get this straight... you want longer blades AND the torque tube tail... hate to be the one to tell ya... but.... the TT is only for the 425 boom.. to use 463 or 475 blades you'll be the short 550 boom (part# 204192) and the TT won't work on that boom.

of course you are more than welcome to run the 425 boom and TT and 475 blades.. just make sure ya get it on video so everyone can see how fast you can disassemble a hurri in flight
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