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Hi, no sorry I am not familiar with the RD8000. However the LED blinking might be a couple things. If the rudder pot is getting old it could be drifting. You will notice on a 401 if you move the rudder stick you will see the LED flashes showing it is getting input. If the pot is drifting then the 401 may see this change as a rudder stick input.

Since this pot is a mechanical thing this is what I would look at first. To test if this might be the problem once the LED starts flashing go into your servo center (like subtrim) menu and try a click or so left or right, wait a second and see if it stops blinking. If so then that maybe the problem. The gyro is seeing your rudder stick is moving. If this shows to be the problem you can try to clean out the pot yourself using some spray tuner cleaner. Otherwise you need to send it in to get the pot replaced.

If this is not it then it could be many other things. Power dropping too low resetting the gyro? The RX is having some issue, etc.

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