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Originally Posted by Finless View Post
The batman blades when they came out for the 450 first were design to help try and remove some of the force of the "Tennis Racket Effect". I plan to use those myself and later add Heim Joints weights.

FYI if you are still using the 2 bearings in each tail grip, you need to get the new single bearings period!

I got the 250SE super combo and are you talking about the 40 tail blade or the 37 tail blades that came with the kit???? Which should I use? I'm asking because I'm using the KBDD ones and I'm running a true gain of 19.44% and I'm getting a slight about of wag 1/4" left/right every now and then but everybody else is running much higher on the same stock setup. Also I have to tap the rudder every know and then to keep it tail first when doing tail slides straight down. I need to get it on video but mine piro's really really really wicked fast.

Also I changed the BEC voltage to 6v from the default 5.5v and could that be causing a problem?
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