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Wow, lots of replies to this one today!

Originally Posted by ShuNut View Post
WoW, impressive technology.

Just looked on ebay and i see they have ones with built in flash memory and others which use miro-sd cards. I'm wondering which would be better considering the unit would probably be worthless once the internal batt dies.

I'm using a separate 4 GB card.
The unit is easy to open and uses a common single cell lipo that can be replaced.

Originally Posted by Kington99 View Post
ok nm I bought the 8gb one, how exactly did you mount it to your heli?
I stuck a piece of Velcro on the lower side of the case and then used a Velcro strap to secure it under the Logo.

Originally Posted by Kington99 View Post
Yep got mine on the way for 13 squid. just wondering if it's worth decasing to get the weight down or not.
The micro guys are removing the case and battery and powering it from the micro's single cell lipo.

Originally Posted by Ring Leader View Post
Wow this is impressive.. good find!! anyone have any more video? zGuy is yours the SD version or the built-in memory version?
Takes a separate card up to 16 GB.

Recording takes about 85 MB/minute.

Originally Posted by WillJames View Post
Your logo is a very smooth machine, very little vibs at all. Nice find!!
Thanks Will!

I think this may have helped sell a few of these today. Wish I was getting a commision
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