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I read some of the micro guys are decasing them and running the camera off of the heli battery. Its powered by a single cell lipo. Decased, with the battery, it weighs 10g. It may be in the 5-6g range without the battery. I have seen flight videos using the Blade MSR.
The stock mSR battery does not have enough C's to power both camera and mSR. With the stock 120mah lipo, the mSR will fly, but the camera has a higher cutoff voltage and will turn off in 5 seconds. I replaced the cameras lipo with an 240mah Hyperion G3 and powered both without a problem. The mSR is too light and the video becomes too shakey in outdoor flight. It works much better on a larger heli or plane. You must remove cameras case if you want use it on the mSR too.
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