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Okay, mine is

trex 250 se
hs-65mg cyclic
jr 290g tail
castle phoenix 25
scorpion 2206-3900 15t
gy 401 with long wires (28 grams)
hyperion cx 3s 850 (70 grams with micro-deans)

Started at 348g including battery, 278 excluding battery.
Trimmed the motor/esc wires and eliminated bullets and used a micro-deans style 3 pin connector - 9.9 (lets call it 10) gram savings

so now i'm down to 338g w/lipo, 268g without.
I'm going to switch to either a spartan quark, 520 or jr g270 3d, all of which are roughly 10 grams with short wires, so i'll lose another 18 grams, so after my gyro switch i should be

320 grams w/lipo, 250g without lipo, overall my calcs say start to finish this should be a 8% savings overall. Anyone else lose this much weight? any different feel in the air? flight times improve?
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