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Originally Posted by ShuNut View Post
Some ppl had to wait 3 weeks & more.

I forgot to add, when charging i'm not sure when its fully charged, manual seems to imply the light should stay on while charging and go off when fully charged, with mine the light flashes on & off but so far will not stay off, i charged it for arond 2 hrs and light was still on & off, can anyone chime in on exactly how the lights tell you when its charged ? Mine is the 720x version with date & time bottom right in yellow.

Speaking of which i cant get the date set, tried a few methods but none work for me so far.

I couldn't figure out the charging situation at first also. When I first put it on charge it just sat with the light solid yellow and I could feel the battery getting warm (it came fully charged). I pulled it off and played with it for a while (making a video), and when I put it back on charge it blinked for a couple hours then went to a solid yellow when it was full. So on mine, it blinks when charging and is solid when charged.

In order to set the date and time, this is what I did:
from here:
"For what you call the #3 camera - settime.txt and time.txt files don't work at all. It has to be a file named tag.txt reading EXACTLY this way:[date]
There has to be a space after the first line AND AFTER THE SECOND LINE. And the time stamp starts when the key chain camera is powered on with this file on the root - not when the file is created - so create it with a time a minute ahead and then disconnect it from the USB (the proper way) and power up the keychain cam at that time.
Ronaldf says "all files and folders must be deleted before it will work properly. The tag.txt must be the only file on the card on startup"."
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