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I like the camera, the problem I have, and I know its trite, is that the mic is waaaay to sensitive. It was designed to pick up the slightest sound at a distance, in the frequency range that the human voice produces. It will auto-adjust the volume, but only so far.

I have been experimenting all day with my Trex 500 and so far the best place I've found to mount it for sound purposes, is out on the nose of the canopy. I just have to figure out a decent way of doing it without ruining the canopy.

I tried on top of the canopy, near the head and its so loud it clips the audio.

I tried a special plywood mount under the skids and out front under the skids. No clipping, but grating to listen to. I have tried a variety of foams and velcros and straps and I've about come to the conclusion that because the mic is hard soldered to the board, that the camera picks up sound through the case. If you secure it well enough to stay steady, the case resonates. Plugging the hole in the end does no good. I have listened to other vids of this and you can hear the clipping..(lots of static pops) so know I'm not alone in this.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. Well, ... eyes really, it is a forum after all.
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