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Vibes finally better.

I just wanted to share my experience so far with this camera. Mine is the one that uses the external micro SD card. I first tried mounting under the canopy with 2 gyro pads, velcro and some electric tape just in case it came loose. VIBES! I then tried placing the camera between the skids with no luck at all. My EXI 450 has plastic flexible skids that I believe contributed alot to the vibes. I tried securing the camera between the skids on coffee stir sticks, on an old CF blade cut to size and to a piece of velcro stretched between the 2 skids. ... All with terrible results even though the camera was very secure using rubber bands wrapped around 2 nails.

Finally, I went back to the canopy with the same mounting technique as before, but this time I strapped the camera down much tighter with the electric tape. Before I had left it loose similar to way I have loose velcro wrapped around my gyro. Well, it seems the problem was in my velcro mount. About half of the camera is not physically secured due to the buttons and this caused vibes. Once I snugged the camera down tight with the electric tape, the vibes went away!
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