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A few things. Thanks Blake.

A couple of questions. I guess that a bit on the pins of the stuff that Balke ships is OK?

Second, do you also glue the Al plate to the transistors? I would think so, my plate had a bit of stickum attching it to the transistors.

Do be careful if you buy the thermal epoxy elsewhere. I was at a local electronics supplier and saw thermal conductive epoxy, glad I read the package, it is also ELECTRICALLY conductive. NOT good.

Looking around aArtic has two products. Artic Silver and Artic Alumina. I saw that the Alumina version is non-conductive, but slightly capacitive. Not sure about the Silver version.

Lastly, good thing I ordered two pieces of shrink from Blake. Fisrt thing I did today was to cut teh shirnk off the ESC< and while wondering why it didn't look like the ones in th pictures (no EME shield) realized I had just opened up my E-Flite 40A ESC for my Mini Ultra Stick. Oops. No big deal, it is re-heat shrinked (shrunk?) with my "extra" piece.
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