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Default Do not buy something through paypal as a gift...

Just FYI....b/c I see alot of people here asking to be paid via the Paypal "gift" option.

Why would you pay for something and mark it as "Gift"?? Well, most times the seller will ask you to do this. It saves him/her from having to pay the paypal fee.

Why should you NOT pay as a "gift"?? B/C as a buyer you have NO protection from a scam. So..they could send you a box of rocks or nothing at all and paypal won't give a rip. You marked it as a gift...remember??

It's kind of annoying when cheapskates ask you to pay their fee, too. Which is why the gift thing is popular. Pay the frickin couple of dollars for paypals fee if you're selling something. And don't ask for that crap(the fee) in your for sale ad. If you want $100 for your toy and $3 to cover the fee....then ask for $103!!! Why in the HELL would I pay YOUR fee??
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