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Originally Posted by traeside View Post
AllanQ did you ever get an answer to your question? i read this post long ago before i put my Rhino 2660 with diode in. but i wanted to do the same as you. as it is now if my voltage reads around 10.3 or 10.4 i am at about 16% when i put the pack on the charger. i don't like taking it that low so i also wanted to be able to set the low voltage alarm to 10.6. i would think that setting it to 11.6 would be to high with a diode. 10V might save a fire but i am not sure the battery is going to be very happy.
i never got an answer ...
however ... i put 2 diodes in series ... lowered the voltage about 0.8v to tx (actual output to tx after the diodes) and re-calibrated the dx7 voltage reading via service menu to about 1.2v .lower than actual battery reading (plugged in my batt checker at the balance plugs while tx is ON and batt plugged into tx)
i then set the low voltage warning to 10v (this is the max the dx7 allows me to set)

so ......
actualy MAX voltage to tx will be 12.6-0.8 = 11.8v
at MAX batt voltage ... tx reading will show 11.4v
when batt alarm goes off in the tx when reading is below 10v ... tx is still getting 10.4v from the lipo ... batt will be at around 11.1-11.2v (which is just nice to recharge the lipo)
i put back around 1800ma into the lipo

so far i have not faced any problems ... tx is cool .. lipo is cool ... no fires here
lasts me more than 3 weeks b4 i recharge again unlike the stock batt which gets me about 1 week+ b4 the alarm goes off
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