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Originally Posted by cobra25 View Post
do you use a separate gyro for this set up ?having trouble keeping heli stabile. When hovering heli for no reason the heli twitched left ,not waggering.And sudgestionsUp all night trying to figure this out.
Hey Cobra,

Did you get it sorted?

Thought I post some of our PM conversation so that anybody else interested in the answer can see a response (which may or may not work for them)
The Rx has the two pots: Gain and Proportional.
1) Get the gain set first: as far clockwise as possible, before tail wag occurs. You shouldn't need to power off the heli for each adjustment.
2) Then set the proportional pot. Make sure all trims (including Sub-trim) are centered. With the battery disconnected, set the proportional to 50% (the middle of the dial), and see which way the nose drifts once in a hover.
2.1) If the nose drifts to the right, turn the Proportional pot counterclockwise, or clockwise if the nose drifts left. Always center your trims and power off the heli with each adjustment of the Proportional.
2.2) Keep adjusting and get it as close as you can (to no nose drift) on the Proportional pot, then use Tx sub-trim and then trim to get it as close as possible to no drift. As battery power drains I still have to adjust trim to maintain heading hold.
3) Make sure the motor bell casings are not touching (pass some paper through them).
4) I re-levelled my swash after installing the upgrade.
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