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Originally Posted by Gino CP View Post
This guy did it with an EL sheet. I like to know how he did it.
Here's a video on how EL sheets work.

I know this post is a little old, but I'm wanting to do this as well. As Pinecone said, you'd have to peel the silver backing off the LCD screen and stick the EL sheet behind it. The only tricky part is getting/finding an inverter. A small sheet like that could probably run off of 12 volts, but you still need to convert the DC to AC for the sheet to work. I'm more afraid of it frying any componets inside the case. I'm thinking of doing the EL or just do the acrylic sheet and shine an LCD though the sides of the sheet. Wont be as clean looking as the EL sheet, but will light up the screen.
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