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ok.. i've read all the post and try'd the suggestions from what i can understand... and my 3d is NOT workin i have the HP6DSM tx and the Phoenix sim... when i go into "f mode 1" my collective pitch and throttle are maxed out ( any stick position) and my cyclic pitch and roll are all over the place .. colective pitch and throttle are set to ch1 and cyclic pitch ch 3 cyclic roll ch 2 ..... i dont get it .. im using the Blade 400 set with a lower weight ( about a lb less) to match my cpp2 and want to practice invert hover.. please help me... some body ... any body...... ?? i just dont get it

UPDATE:: to get invert i put throttle on ch5 and kept pitch on ch1 * DOWN SIDE* always at 0 or 100% throttle
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